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Unsere Angebote für Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene


AWO student accommodation Freiburg

Rental and application

You are welcome to apply without obligation for a room starting October 1st, 2023. Unfortunately, we can no longer consider applications that we receive after July 31, 2023. People who receive their university admission at a later date can also apply without obligation and without the certification of enrollment. We do not yet need a copy of the identity card / passport for an application. Bank details as well as certification of enrollment can be submitted at a later stage.

Deposit and rental

Security Deposit 465.00 €**
Standard roomapprox. 12 sqm290.00 €per month*
Standard room with balconyca. 12 sqm300.00 €per month*
Large roomapprox. 15 sqm310.00 €per month*

* The rentals include utilities.

** Includes 15 € bank commission for the deposit account. These must be paid by the tenant.


With prior approval by the accommodation management, it is possible to sublease the rented room to another student. The sublease is only allowed within the period of the main rental agreement and only for one semester. Please, get informed about the accordant contract terms in due time.

Rental and residential time

The rental will last for at least one semester, i.e. for at least six months. The commencementdate of the rental is either the 1st of April or the 1st of October. The residential time will lastmaximal six semesters. After having signed up the contract, thus it is possible to live in the accommodation for three years. In individual case and due to the social engagement within the house, it might be possible to renew the contract up to four more semesters. Only single rooms can be rented.

Termination dates

Until 30th of June, when contract should end on 30th of September
Until 31st of December, when contract should end on 31st of March